1. Like any mechanical system, AC needs TLC to run smooth too.
  2. Dirty filters kill your AC’s efficiency.
  3. Leaks in duct work can cause up to 30% loss of airflow.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat to set temperatures higher when you aren’t home and lower before you get there and save money.
  5. Insulate ducts with rigid foam insulation to keep air cool on it’s way to rooms.
  6. Keep your AC systems air compressor and condenser at least 24 inches away from shrubs, low handing branches and leaves for optimum operating efficiency.
  7. Extend the life of your AC system by keeping blinds down during the day and awnings on south facing windows.
  8. Keep doors inside open so air flow is balanced throughout the entire house.
  9. Upgrade to a newer system. Federal law requires AC units to be a lot more efficient than just ten years ago. Standards require a SEER of 13 and an EER of 8, but devices with higher numbers are less costly to run.
  10. Sign up for a yearly cleaning schedule that goes beyond just cleaning filters.  Schedule this checkup before the cooling season, or now if you waited, and make sure it includes cleaning and inspecting coils, cleaning and inspecting filters, adjusting fan belts, lubricating motors and bearings, cleaning and checking blower and fan, inspecting controls and safeties, checking refrigerant and pressures, and verifying operating temperatures.

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