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If you have any problems with or questions about your boiler then look no further. We are the regions specialists on all makes and models of boilers. With decades of service in the community, our outstanding customer service and technical ability has served some of the largest companies and institutions in the area.

Our team of technicians has in-depth knowledge of the current codes, emission standards, all other aspects of boiler/steam systems and their components. From the fuel line to the stack, we cover all your boiler and steam system needs.

We can assist you in system evaluations, installation planning, and design/layout drawings that meet precise specifications. We believe our job goes beyond the install and start up.

We develop relationships with building owners and their team of engineers and contractors to ensure proper operation and efficiency is maintained.

Modern technology is providing us with an abundance of highly efficient boilers to heat your building or produce a high volume of domestic hot water. Older boilers burn fuel at a rate of 50-70% efficiency and new models can burn at 85-100% efficiency. This effects your bottom line if you are letting money literally go up in smoke! If it is not economical for a new replacement unit to be installed, a precision tune-up and flu gas analysis will result in a more efficient boiler.

In the event of a boiler failure, our staff will do whatever they can to get you back online as soon as possible. Mechanical Heating and Air has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to provide quality and timely repair you need to resume operation. We can also provide rental boilers if needed.

Commercial Boilers

Boilers are very particular pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance and care to remain operational. You’ve heard stories of finicky old boilers and there’s a good reason. They can give out on you when you need them most. Mechanical Heating & Air provides a full range of boiler services to customers in Lane County and surrounding areas, from repairs and regular maintenance to new boiler installation.

With decades of experience working with all makes and models of boilers we have encountered hundreds of boiler systems and unique applications. Because of this experience, our customers can trust in our ability to gain efficiency and keep their crucial equipment running consistently. Every system type has its advantages and applications they are best suited for and we understand the intricacies of every system. We perform system evaluations, installation planning, and design/layout drawings to meet precise specifications.

Our class III boiler technicians are licensed to service and install the following systems:

Boiler Systems

The most efficient boilers on the market, condensing boilers and water heaters are able to achieve 98% efficiency. They are best suited to lower temperature applications and are most commonly used as a heating system and domestic hot water.

Condensing Boilers

These boilers are used for all hot water and heating applications. Most commonly used for radiant heating and domestic hot water.

When gas or oil is not available, electric boilers are used for heating and hot water applications.

All steam applications that require 250 degrees or pressure above 15psi require High Pressure Steam Boilers. They are most commonly used in processing facilities such as lumber mills and breweries.

All applications that require pressure below 15psi and temperatures under 250 degrees use Low Pressure Steam Boilers. They are most commonly used in large scale domestic hot water and heating.

Mechanical Heating and Air is capable of designing, installing, and servicing all steam and condensate systems. If your system has failed, leaking, or bypassing it can be costly. Our steam trap surveys, pump, Pressure Reducing Valves, and overall system inspections can spot problems before they arise and give you the confidence your system is running efficiently and safely.


With Mechanical Heating and Air, you can trust all areas of boiler, steam, and hydronic systems are covered. We provide quality boiler work at fair and competitive prices. Our factory trained service technicians can ensure your combustion system runs safely and efficiently.

Boiler Service

  • Burner Service

  • Computerized Flu Gas Analysis for efficency & emmisions

  • Annual internal and external safety inspections, in conjunction with state or insurance inspector

  • Stack repair and replacement

  • Breaching repair and replacement

  • Handhole and manway resurfacing, replacement, and repair

  • Casing repair and replacement

  • Line and valve repair and replacement

  • Fitting modification and replacement

  • Complete and partial re-tubing

  • Code weld repairs

Preventative Maintenance*

  • General boiler system evaluation

  • Waterside flushing and cleaning

  • Gasket replacement

  • Baffle replacement and repair

  • Breaching and stack maintenance

  • Mechanical/ Pneumatic boiler tube cleaning

Hydronic & Steam System Service

  • Design and repair of all high pressure, low pressure steam systems

  • Design and repair of all system components

  • Design and repair of all Hydronic systems and components

Boiler Rentals

Rental boilers we carry include:

  • Condensate transfer systems
  • High Pressure Steam
  • Low Pressure Steam
  • Commercial and Domestic hot water boilers
  • Indirect fired hot water boilers
  • Expansion tanks
  • Steam Hose

Our rental boilers are set up to be quickly installed and operational to limit the down time you experience.

We also have flexible payment and financing options available.

*Preventative Maintenance Schedule:

May – September

Major Cleanings
During the non-heating season we provide our most comprehensive cleanouts. This is the best time of year to get that thorough cleaning and precision tune-up to ensure proper operation during the heating season.

October – April

Supplemental Cleanings
To avoid interruption of heat and hot water we provide this service while the boilers are hot. We clean the fire tubes, tube sheets, and chimney base during the heating season.

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