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Upgrading to a new high efficiency air conditioner will do more than keep you cool in the hottest days of summer. With constant innovation in the heating and cooling industry, new cooling systems are up to three times more efficient than older models.

Let our experts guide you through all your options when choosing a new air conditioning system.

When first contacting Mechanical Heating and Air we take the time to listen to our customers and answer any questions you might have. When we perform our free estimate, our experts will develop a plan to efficiently cool your building based on your needs.

We will show you the benefits in each system available, allowing you to make an informed decision on what is best for you. New air conditioning models can save you up to 60% on your energy bills as well as offer other benefits.

High efficiency air conditioners need fewer repairs and a longer operating life than older models. They experience less wear and tear because less stress is placed on the A/C unit. The need for repairs decreases resulting in additional cost savings.

It is very important the correct unit for your home is chosen, installed, and serviced. If not properly installed and maintained your new high efficiency air conditioner can potentially cause environmental hazards and be quite costly. Choose a company that strives for excellence and total customer satisfaction you can rely on. Call Mechanical Heating and Air today to get started.

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  • Air Conditioning Repairs

    If you are looking for commercial repairs, central AC repairs, air conditioning maintenance, packaged air conditioning units, or any cooling-related services in the Lane County and surrounding area, give us a try.

  • Air Conditioning Check-up/Tune-up

    Maintaining conditioning system is important because it helps keep it operating at its peak performance level. Scheduling maintenance twice a year can benefit you in several ways:

    1. Help reduce your utility bills.
    2. Prevent costly repair bills by catching problems early on.
    3. Ensures your systems works at an optimum level.
    4. Specific manufacturers require maintenance to keep the warranty valid.
  • Air Conditioning Replacement

    If you are looking for air conditioning replacement we are your go-to air conditioning contractors. We’ve been in business many years and are experienced and familiar with services such as replacing freon, changing out filters, cleaning units, replacing belts, and complete system removal and installs. Give us a call and we’ll schedule the next available date/time that is most available to you.

  • Heating and AC System Sales

    Aside from providing repair services, installations, designing, building, preventative maintenance and so on, we also provide our customers with sales on various makes and models. Whether it be an air conditioning or heating unit, we can help! Not only will we help with your purchase but also, we will help in deciding the best unit for you. Factors like placement, numbers of people, heat-creating components, etc., plays a huge role in picking which unit is best for you. Give us a call today and our experts will be more than happy to help you with your future purchase. Don’t hesitate, call now! (541) 688-0969