Heat Pumps

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our mild climate is ideal for efficiently heating and cooling your home with a heat pump. Heat pumps are an energy efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners in moderate climates.

Although long used for cooling in warm climates, heat pumps are one of the fastest growing technologies for ultra-efficient heating in cool climates. Unlike electric baseboard and combustion heaters, heat pumps extract heat from the outside air and deliver it indoors.

It is much more efficient to move the heat than it is to generate it, providing a number of benefits.

New high efficiency heat pumps can provide an increased level of comfort in your home. Heat pumps don’t blast you with hot and cold air, they provide constant even temperature in your home. They do this by providing air that is closer to room temperature, which causes the air to rise slowly, heating the entire room and not just the ceiling. The air quality is better because the system circulates air longer and the air is filtered more often. Heat pumps do not dry out the air, leaving your home with a more balanced humidity and also run quiet indoors and out.

High efficiency heat pumps are in a state of constant innovation, leading to more and more efficient models with higher Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio. SEER is a rating used to distinguish the cooling efficiency of a heat pump or air conditioner.

Eugene Heat Pumps

The most efficient models have a SEER of 24 while the lowest have a rating of 13. The higher the SEER the more energy you save. Whether you heat with electricity or have an old unit, a new heat pump can reduce your energy bill by 30-50% and also are easier on the environment.With less carbon dioxide emissions and reduced reliance on fossil fuels you help to conserve our natural resources. The initial cost of these units is offset by the longevity, energy savings, and tax incentives for the installation of a new high efficiency heat pump.

Heat pumps are adaptable to a wide variety of needs. With so many system options, we can design the perfect environment for your home and budget. If you are building a new home or upgrading to a new system, let Mechanical Heating and Air help you determine which heat pump system is best for you.